Custom Clearance and Logistics Services

Custom Clearance

The Customs Clearance Services offered by us supports in faster and hassle free clearance of shipment.

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Air Freight

As a leader in global air freight forwarding, Ship and Pick Logistics excels in providing tailored transportation

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Sea Freight

Ocean Freight plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain solutions.Trust us with your parcel.

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Welcome To

Ship and Pick Logistics

We provide you comprehensive range of transportation and logistics solutions which is being tailored according to your need. We have the people, the resources, and the technology to get the job done across the globe. No limitations. No excuses. Nothing standing between getting your shipment from origin to destination in the fastest time, carefully and efficiently.

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Ship & pick logistics

Why Choose US ?


We provide effective Ocean Freight services for any mode of container transportation.We always implement the best practices.

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Our global partnerships mean we can arrange charter flights to where your cargo needs to be. And we can solve issues of capacity.

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Through our technology-driven logistics solutions, broad industry expertise, and vast carrier network, we provides the solutions to our customers.

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Almost every industry sector has some special storage and handling requirements, and we have the industry sector experience and global network to meet your needs.

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Proactive customer support 24/7 worldwide, 365 days a year. Guaranteed all shipments constantly monitored by dedicated team of industry experts.

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We have specialized expertise in the handling of sensitive, time-critical shipments for a wide range of industries.

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100% Safe Delivery

Safe and on time delivery is our primary concern. Our team dedicated professionals has the talent and experience to provide the right solutions.

Worldwide service

With support from liner, global network partnership and professional team, we are able to offer reliable worldwide services.

24/7 Services

we are always following with you to take care your shipment and ready to support any time as your request.


Featured Work

Ship and Pick Logistics keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

Easy to use digital platform which connects all the national/international industries and traders with freight forwarders.It will, replace phone calls and emails with an easy-to-use dashboard for booking air, ocean or truck freight.
Ship and Pick Logistics “clients will spend 50% less time searching for air, ocean and Trucking freight rates.

By leveraging our industry expertise, simple User Interface and network of reliable freight forwarders, “Ship and Pick Logistics“customers can save up to 30% on their air and ocean freight shipments

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